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Etheric Plane   <communications>   Earth Plane

Until very recently, the concept of “at call” or “as needed” communication with etheric plane entities was considered to be the domain of a few gifted psychics.

“All that is to be known – is already known.”  Thus by connecting to reality within the etheric plane, we can access much wisdom, knowledge and guidance of an extraordinary high quality.

Kinesiology muscle testing is an interim process, giving most people ready and convenient contact with the experienced ones and the wisdom so willingly and lovingly available to all of us, should we so ask.  We must learn to ask.  We must learn to acknowledge that their sharing with us of their wisdom and guidance is a great gift for them as well as us.

Sharing is possibly the most selfish thing anyone can do!  Because when ever we share, the returns to us are always many fold greater.  Conversely, negative actions rebound upon us with devastating effects.

When we accept the hand of our Etheric friends, we are helping them grow as well.

Kinesiology muscle testing, a way of accessing the ether, is here to inform and protect us.  You cannot use the process for a negative purpose.

Apart from ensuring that you are well hydrated (drink plenty of water) at the time of use, there are two statements that are best employed before you commence:

  • May we make these enquires?
  • Please share with us the truth.
  • Then proceed to test STATEMENTS for truth or non-truth.

As you practice kinesiology muscle testing, your own intuitiveness will grow.

Application of Kinesiology Muscle Testing

You can test to determine if:

  • Given substances are beneficial to you – food, medication, etc.
  • That a given medical process is viable for you.
  • Which option is most viable or beneficial for you – by elimination, this one or that one.

Pascas Health medical programs Benchmark

On behalf of potential clients / patients, Pascas Health, as a matter of course recognises that there are as many complementary therapy practices and modalities as there options on a Chinese restaurant menu.  You can research a seemingly endless array of platforms / modalities and then be immediately introduced to another large group of options.  It is impossible for the consumer to build confidence in their choices.

The effectiveness / delivery of the desired effect / of a modality can be tested by using kinesiology and benchmarking it against the Map Of Consciousness (see page 52 excerpt from Power vs Force by Dr David R Hawkins).  At the level of 600 or higher, modalities in complementary health are effective.  This testing has to be carried out for every variation of any given modality.

The energy level of the practitioner is equally as important as the energy level of the modality.  Both must be within this given benchmark range.

Interestingly, we have found a series of books and concepts that can readily shift energy levels upwards, thus assuring this benchmark for practitioners can be obtained and held.  Where appropriate, these gifts are shared with those who strive for such growth.

Pascas Health Database

For the consumer, there is a deficiency of evidence of which complementary modalities work and which ones do not.

A coded and confidential monitoring of performance and outcomes is fundamental to all Pascas Health operations and delivery procedures.  Confidentiality of data will be consistent with national standards.

The purpose of the data base is to build up a body of evidence to identify clearly, the effectiveness of specific health modalities, be they allopathic / western or complementary / eastern based.

This kind of tracking and database is not employed in the typical allopathic medical clinic, however, Pascas is to track this data with as many aspects as practical and viable.  We will all discover much from this foundation record keeping.

Light Body Health Sciences

Light Body Health Sciences encapsulates all health orientated modalities that relate to the non-physical aspects of our body.  The sciences incorporate all aspects of energy, sound, light, and other platforms of healing.  We are slow to grasp that we are spirits with a physical body, not just a physical body with a spirit.

There are huge developments occurring within the health delivery practices.  It does seem extra-ordinary that light body health sciences has not yet emerged as a fundamental part of all health centres.  The practices were perfected in ancient times and here we are now saying – wow!

Why do we need light body health sciences?

We all anticipate that when a cancer patient has the inevitable surgical operations that within around five years, the elephant will come charging back with a final and devastating blow.  Why?

The issues within our various layers of our light body are not being addressed at the time of the surgical procedures.  It is the issues within our various layers of our light body that have caused the physical aliment and they have not been addressed.  When we make it a standard practice to address these issues, then the combination of the two platforms will help secure the long term health of the client / patient.

As the Light Body Health Sciences emerge, by utilising kinesiology and other aspects of connectivity to the etheric plane, we can progress the understanding and capabilities at a much faster rate than previously envisaged.  It took over a year to determine which filament to use in a light bulb, this same amount of analysis can be processed within three minutes using kinesiology.

Pascas is about Melding the Best of Allopathy with Complementary Medicine

Both systems support each other.  There are incredible capabilities to be found in each aspect of all platforms.

The diagnostic and promptness of allopathic treatments are unquestionably impressive.

The complementary platforms of treatment are slower and focus much more on the cause rather than the symptoms and are significantly lower in cost that allopathic treatment.  It is this pathway that remote and emerging economies need to be supported with in preference of burdening them with the massive costs of allopathic therapies.


Governments of advanced economies around the globe are being crushed by the economic burden of their health systems.  You wonder why they complain.  After all, it was they who:

  • Governed the processing and treatment of milk so that it is now lifeless.
  • They ensured that wheat has been refined to the level of lifelessness now reflected in our bread.
  • Similarly with rice.
  • Sugar has some 60 or more nutrients extracted from it before we can buy it.
  • They insist upon complicated packaging of processed food that is costly and lifeless.
  • Water is loaded with chemicals in the endeavour of making it potable.

All the staples of our diet have been turned into life sustaining products, not life enhancing products.  We have to store these products in our bodies as fat while the body employs limited nutrition to remove this fat.

‘Fresh is Best’ – it is simple.  We can test the energy level of all aspects of our food.  Anything under 200 is not positive for our well being, it is not life enhancing and this incorporates nearly everything that you can buy packaged within a super market!

If you are experiencing an illness episode, then your food options should include only those items that calibrate over 300 on the Map Of Consciousness.

Pascas Café

The entrance to a Pascas Health Clinic is via or through a Pascas Café.  This is to offer the opportunity to share the viability of diet as an essential health management aid.

Pascas Café is to share the potential and ease of steadily shifting one’s diet to life enhancing practice and the pleasures that come with fresh foods.

Few recognise that pre-packaged juices are of no nutritional value.  The nutrition rapidly is lost during storage of the processed fruit juice.  Only freshly juiced drinks are viable.

The same applies to pre-cut salad mixes.  Looks great!  Once lettuce is broken or cut, it quickly looses its vitality.  Very convenient, but costly and of no viability for your body.

Chaldi College

We have four major duties: feeding the people, housing the people, providing adequate healthcare, and education.

Without education, nothing can be achieved.  All things and all progress starts with education.

Chaldi (pronounced Kaldee) Colleges existed thousands of years ago and were free to all, slaves and kings alike participated.  Chaldi College origins date back to Lemuria.

Chaldi College will provide life skills education as short courses and cater to local custom.  It is about raising the opportunities and living standings, quality of life and prospects of those who visit.

Within remote and emerging economies, Chaldi College, as it is annexed to a Pascas Health Clinic, will also provide introduction to appropriate new technologies that can be employed and even manufactured within the community.  These new technologies are being sourced through Centres for Advanced Technologies (CATs).

Centre for Advanced Technologies (CATs)

New innovations, worldwide, are not being supported.  Having met up with some one thousand innovators and determined some four hundred innovations as having commercial merit and application within remote and emerging economies, it is the objective of CATs to actively seek out innovators with technologies appropriate for introduction into emerging economies.  When further reviewed, this starting group of possibilities enhanced the quality of life in all aspects necessary.  This being communications, energy, complementary therapies and medicine, agriculture, food, housing, building, furniture, environmental and resources.

Urban Rural Technopath (URTh)

The URTh administration team, much like the CATs administration team will, have the collective capabilities of Nation Building though it is an entirely different group.  As we progress, we will have an ability, through the many arms of Pascas Global to deploy resources to build the economic capabilities of communities.

Pascas Health Sanctuary

A Pascas Health Sanctuary is a major medical complex, encapsulating a sophisticated hospital of some 300 beds, medi-hotel of 150 – 400 rooms, major and diverse consulting rooms providing allopathic doctors and complementary therapists, supported by complex diagnostic and imaging capabilities.  The purpose of a Pascas Health Sanctuary is to technically and administratively support the Pascas Health Clinics within its region of influence.

Pascas Park

Pascas Park is an edu-tainment destination.  Like a theme park without rides.

Pascas Park is about removing boundaries and reducing fear.

Every aspect of a Pascas Park contributes to the raising of one’s energy / consciousness level.

Collectively, Pascas Parks throughout a ten year full operational cycle will have up to 500 million visitors.

Pascas Global

Pascas Global is the core investment vehicle and central management.

Pascas Foundation

Pascas Foundation is the funding source for the humanitarian operations of Pascas in any of its forms of involvement.

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